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Privacy Policy Statement

Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC understands that you are concerned about privacy, so we've instituted policies intended to ensure that your personal information is handled safely and responsibly. This Privacy Statement outlines the information Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC will collect and how that information will be used. This Privacy Statement applies to all web sites owned or operated by Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC. To protect your data privacy, please read below Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC Privacy Policy Statement before submitting your application.

Terms & Conditions for Usage of This Website

By submitting a profile or applying for a job through this site, you accept that your personal data may be used and processed by Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC for recruitment and other related employment purposes. Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC and any third parties acting on its behalf will treat this information confidential and will not use your personal data for any purpose other than for which it was originally collected.

While the information in this site has been compiled in good faith and with best efforts, it is subject to change and periodic reviews. Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC disclaims all responsibilities for any and all consequences whether direct or indirect, of any person acting or relying on, or refraining to act or to rely on information in this site or in respect of any access via web links from this site.

Information We Collect

As appropriate, Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC may collect personally identifiable information from you voluntarily in order to provide you with a particular job.

The personal data collected in your application/information submitted will be used by us to assess your suitability to assume the job duties of the position(s) for which you have applied. Failure to provide this data may influence the processing and outcome of your application.

It is our policy to retain the personal data of unsuccessful applicants for future recruitment purposes unless precluded by applicable laws. In any case, Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC will retain and delete your personal data in accordance with applicable laws. When there are vacancies in our subsidiaries or associate companies during that period, we may transfer your application to them for consideration for employment.

You have a right to request access to, and to request correction of your personal data in relation to your application/information submitted. You may make your request by writing to Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC’s Human Resources Department. You may also expressly request Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC to inform you of any vacancies, job fairs, property openings and any other job opportunities available and deemed suitable with your academicals and professional qualifications.

Security and Storage of Information

All personal and general information that reaches Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC is stored on a secure server that resides behind firewalls designed to block unauthorized access from outside of Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC. Because laws applicable to personal information vary by country, our hotels or other business operations may put in place additional measures that vary depending on the applicable legal requirements.

Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC may share your personal information with our properties, subsidiaries, and select third parties as deemed appropriate. Your personal information may also be disclosed if necessary to: (1) enforce our Web Site Agreement; (2) protect and defend the rights or property of Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC; (3) comply with a court order or other legal process or other legal requirements of any governmental authorities, including but not limited to, authorities which regulate gaming activities; or (4) to, in the sole discretion of Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC, in exceptional circumstances, such as a national emergency, security concern, or other situation in which, Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC deems such disclosure is prudent.

Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC uses the services of third parties, such as e-mail service providers and marketing companies that act as agents on behalf of Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC. These parties are contractually prohibited from using personally identifiable information for any purpose other than for the purpose Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC specifies. We do provide non-personally identifiable information to certain service providers for their use on an aggregated basis for the purpose of performing their contractual obligations to us. We prohibit the sale or transfer of personal information to entities outside of the Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC family of companies for use without your approval.

E-Mails about Special Offers and Promotions and Opt-Out

It is our intention to only send you e-mail communications that will be useful to you. These communications will relate to Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC offers and/or the promotions of select, reputable third parties with whom Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC has a strategic marketing relationship because they offer products or services that we believe would be of interest to you.

Governing Law

These Terms of Use are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the applicable laws and you hereby agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in relation to any legal actions or proceedings arising out of or in connection with these Terms of Use.